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During our FREE Sleep Coaching Transformation Week we will be sharing with you the secrets behind supporting parents to prevent and manage a sleep crisis, how to build a Sleep Coaching business and attract your dream clients.

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Welcome to the Holistic Sleep Coaching Transformation Week

What we will be covering

Strategies to prevent a family sleep crisis

Problems with overtiredness, sleep timings and other aspects of sleep biology are often underlying causes of problematic sleep.  

In this workshop you will discover how to use a range of gentle sleep strategies based on sleep biology – so parents feel more calm and confident in handling their children’s sleep without using strategies such as Cry it out (CIO).  

How to support families in a sleep crisis 

Sometimes when working as a Sleep Coach you do not have the luxury of being able to put in place strategies to prevent a sleep emergency. Many Sleep Coaches have clients call them when they are already experiencing a crisis. 

In this workshop discover the 4 essential approaches required to manage a sleep crisis, and effectively help your clients.  

The secrets to building a sleep coaching business that you love

As entrepreneurs you might feel overwhelmed by how to market your business in order to attract the clients you really want to work with. 

In this workshop we explore how to find your customers' key challenges to create content that speaks directly to them. Plus 3 simple (but essential!) steps to set up your online community so you can start building your ‘tribe’.  

The Holistic Sleep RoadMap

In this workshop we share with you the Holistic Sleep Road Map, where we move beyond the tools, thinking in an integrated way, looking at how you can utilise not only the tools you have, but know when and why to use them.  

We’ll be sharing how this approach has transformed the lives of the clients we work with and the results you can achieve using this holistic method.

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