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Identifying Tongue-tie in Infants: The #1 Myth & The 3 Steps to Better Support Families

Discover why some mums report nipple pain and damage when feeding a tongue-tied baby and why some don’t, other causes of nipple pain (differential diagnosis) and other symptoms associated with tongue-tie.

Develop skills, grow in confidence and learn how to support your clients EVEN MORE! 

 Meet your hosts

Emma Dewey - Director of Babyem

Emma is the Director of Babyem and also the co-founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. 

Babyem provide specialist postnatal maternity and childcare training to over 2,000 childcare, healthcare and babycare professionals each year in London as well as online, providing a range of support services for professionals including coaching and placement schemes. In addition to training individuals, Babyem work with organisations internationally to develop their childcare and maternity training and services.  

Sarah Oakley - IBCLC & Tongue-tie Specialist 

Sarah Oakley’s background is in community and practice nursing and health visiting. In 2009 she left the NHS to focus on breastfeeding and set up a private practice having qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. 

In 2011 she trained at Southampton to perform frenulotomy and has since completed over 4000 procedures privately. Sarah is a founder member and Chair of The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners.  

What we will be covering

Why some mums report nipple pain and damage when feeding a tongue-tied baby and why some don’t. You will learn how tongue-tie can affect tongue function in different ways and what other factors impact on whether feeding is comfortable for mum or not.

How to identify if a baby is draining the breast effectively. You will learn what to look for when observing a baby feed and what questions to ask to ascertain if the baby is transferring milk adequately

The consequences of experiencing difficulty managing milk flow. You will learn how babies manage milk flow and what symptoms they experience when this is a struggle for them including how this can be linked to issues such as reflux and ‘colic’

And so you know you are in safe hands...

Luisa Lyons - Registered Midwife & IBCLC

I really valued the insights I gained on this course. As an IBCLC and NHS tongue tie specialist midwife, I found it to be a thorough, well researched informative training course. I would highly recommend it especially to fellow midwives, health visitors, paediatric and neonatal nurses, doctors and anyone with a keen interest in restrictive lingual frenlum (tongue tie). Sarah has a huge knowledge base on the subject which she shares here. She is honest about what we do not yet know, and about the myths and controversies involved in the subject. 

Fiona Munro-Muotune - IBCLC, Registered Nurse & Health Visitor

This course on tongue tie is very comprehensive. It addresses all the common questions, concerns and misconceptions around tongue tie in a factual and easy to digest way. I have enjoyed working my way through it and would highly recommend to health professionals and anyone supporting infant feeding.

Tolani Fajobi - Maternity Nurse  

This course came at a good time having just supported a family where the baby had a posterior tongue-tie which wasn't obvious. As a result of taking this course I feel more confident that I can inform, advise and signpost parents who have concerns.

Doris Ngnis - Maternity Nurse  

The course is detailed and analytic and I especially enjoyed the wealth of supporting strategies and videos with Sarah Oakley which demonstrated her extensive experience and passion for the subject.  


Charlotte Hindmarsh - Maternity Nurse  

I found the course to be useful for my clients as it not only highlights the variety of signs of symptoms of a tongue tie, but also the treatments for the condition. As a Maternity Nurse, it is essential that we are able to support parents through their newborn’s early stages.

Kadi Leppik - Maternity Nurse & Breastfeeding Supporter

The Babyem Tongue-tie & Infant feeding course was a real eye opener for me, especially looking at how tongue-tie effects both bottle-fed and breastfed babies! The course was well put together and I now feel better able to support the families I'm working with.